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Change Your Credit, Change Your Life

My goal is to help you reach your credit goals

What We Specialize In

Repair Your Credit & Remove Collections


Bad Debt & Tax Liens



& Child Support

Fix Late Payments & Charge-Offs

Remove Judgements & Foreclosures

Meet Stephanie

CEO, SG Credit Solution

For more than 18 years, I've been helping people repair their credit scores so they can live the life they go to bed dreaming about. 

We can help you:

  • Buy the house of your dreams

  • Lower your interest rates on your credit cards

  • Stop getting harassed by creditors and collection agencies

  • Get approved for loans, cars and credit cards

Stop stressing and let us start fixing your credit.

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Credit Card

You work hard for your money. Don't stress over credit.

You have a legal right to question your score.

We can help.

With credit repair talk going around I decided to get more information and asked a friend to refer me to a good company that would be able to help me out. After finding SG Credit Solution I signed up and got some great facts on the best ways to improve credit. I learned a lot from their Credit Education page

- Brenda J.

In all the research me and my Husband did into credit repair companies over the past year, we have never met anyone as kind, helpful and understanding of our situation as you have been. We would highly recommend your service to anyone who is looking for an experienced, professional credit repair firm that gets the job done right the first time around. You have helped me so much in life and have saved me so much money.

- Harper F.

Easter 2007...My son was diagnosed with an illness, we maxed out all of our credit cards and savings to possibly help him out and keep him safe and healthy for as long as we could. We had ruined our credit by not being able to pay all our bills on time, fortunate for us some time ago our neighbor referred us to SG Credit Solution. Your company truly showed us the way and has walked us out of the fire. Today we are debt free and able to start out life over. Our credit has been restored.

- Joe & Stephanie B.

  • What affects my score?
    Account Mix: If you have too much of one type of debt this will lower your score. History: Length of credit history, number of credit card accounts, credit card activity, credit card balances, charge off accounts, late payments, collection accounts, public records, number of inquiries.
  • How are negative items removed?
    Negative items are removed by requesting the Credit Bureaus to investigate the creditors and verify the negative information they are reporting according to the guideline s in the FCRA.
  • What happens if negative information is re-inserted?
    This rarely happens. There are consumer laws to protect you from negative information being re-inserted to your credit file, but in the event that it does, these same laws are used to have the information removed permanently.
  • If I pay an outstanding bad debt will it be removed from my credit report?
    No. it will now begin to report as a paid debt and will have a reporting life of 7 years.
  • What if the negative information belongs to me?
    The FCRA states that even if negative information belongs to you, if the information contains any inaccuracies, is not being reported and handled according to the guidelines set by the FCRA or cannot be verified in its entirety, then by law it must be removed. Statistics show that inaccuracies occurs more than 70% of the time in a credit file.
  • What are the different types of negative accounts?
    Late Payments, Charge off Accounts, Collection Accounts, Public Records (Bankruptcies, Judgments, Tax Liens)
  • What is my obligation as a client?
    1. Pay your bills on time and try not to add any additional negative accounts to your credit file while it is being repaired. 2. You must follow the individual advice of your credit consultant; remember they have your best interest in mind. 3. Furnish the necessary documents requested by the Credit Bureaus and return all responses you receive from the bureaus in a timely fashion or your credit repair process will be delayed. The bureaus will not accept responses for re-investigation that are more than 3 months old.
  • Is Credit Repair Legal?
    Yes, it 100% legal. According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) a consumer has the right to question and ask for an investigation for every negative item on their credit report.
  • How long does negative information stay on my credit report?
    Late Payments: 7 years Charge off Accounts: 7 years Collection Accounts: 7 years Public Records: Judgments: 7 years Bankruptcies: 10 years Paid Tax Liens: 10-15 years Unpaid Tax Liens: Indefinitely
  • Is the removal permanent?
  • If I bring my credit card balances to zero will my scores go up?
    Temporarily and then they will drop again. Credit scores are partially based on credit activity. If there is no activity it negatively affects your credit score.
  • How do I start the credit repair process?
    Pull a recent copy of your credit report and then have a consultation with one of our credit repair specialists.
  • What kind of information will I find on my credit report?
    Your credit report contains your personal information (name address, date of birth, SS#, etc.); it is made up of your entire credit history, both positive and negative, for the last 7 to 10 years.
  • What type of balances should I maintain?
    Your credit card balance should be between 20-50% of your credit card limit. (eg: If your credit card limit is $1000, your balance should stay between$200-$500)
  • How long does it take to repair a credit file?
    The average credit file takes 3 to 6 months to repair.
  • How many Credit Bureaus are there and why do I have different credit scores?
    There are 3 major Credit Bureaus: Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. All three bureaus act independently and all have their own scoring systems.

The SG Credit Solution

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